Exclusive: For the First Time, New Tech Enables Paralyzed Man To Move and Feel Again

Read more here, https://time.com/6298543/paralysis-reversal-keith-thomas/

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Ian Burkhart poses for a portrait along the Scioto Mile in Columbus, OH on July 10, 2022. Burkhart is a former brain-computer interface participant at The Ohio State University who formed a foundation to help spinal cord injury patients

They Blazed a Trail With ‘Brain-Computer Interfaces.’ Now They Want to Help Shape the Field’s Future

Now, Burkhart is creating a group for the BCI community led by its pioneering users to discuss the kinds of questions he had seven years ago — and to serve more broadly as a forum to talk with others in the BCI community. The BCI Pioneers Coalition will center on the unique experience of Burkhart and his peers, whose numbers have nearly doubled since Burkhart received his BCI.

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